Once upon a time, Princess Fallyn De’ Sidhe was killed in a botched kidnapping by a faction of dark fairies of the Unsealy Court. The Order of Dian Cecht, a tech-magic society, used ancient knowledge of the Tuatha De’ Danann to bring her back. She was given a second chance at life and abilities beyond those of other fairies. However, she was left with scars and exposed artificial components. She was viewed by many as an abomination. Her new visage and social stigma made it next to impossible to hold public positions.   Angry, confused, and consumed by desire to punish the dark fairies responsible, she joined the New Fairy Police Department. After a few months on the force, she learned her murderer may have connections to drug trafficking. This led her to join the departments vice squad. Her lack of experience caused some controversy; however, the abilities granted by her enhancements were a boon the squad couldn’t pass on. In an effort to limit risk associated with her inexperience, she was partnered with seasoned vice detective, Kestrel Warren. Her abilities and Detective Warren’s talents make them one of the departments most valued assets.



Fallyn’s story takes place in a contemporary version of Other World, in the capital city of the Nation of Fairy. The rule of Queen Titania and King Oberon has given way to a parliamentary system lead by the Prime Minister. Magic, once an abundant resource, has seen a drastic reduction in it’s potency. Fairies are still practically immortal in their life span, but subject to mortal injury and illness. To bolster the weakening of magic, Fairy (Including the other nations of Other World) looked toward human technology, hermetic practices, and study of the ancient technology of the Tuatha De’ Danann. This lead to the development of a new infrastructure that established reliance on arcane science and engineering.